SGEPPL initially it was a Propreitor Company Guhan Engineering started at 2003 and then enhanced as Private Limited Company.

SGEPPL is giving services to Manufacturing Companies, Foundry, Mining,Forging, Construction Companies, Packaging, Material Handling, FMCG, OEM's,Pharma Industries

Our Major Products are

Robotics, Conveyors, Material Handling Equipment’s, Tyre Handlers, Hydraulics, Special Purpose Machineries, Testing Machineries.

Based on the application we have divided our products as SGEPPL FA(Factory Automation Division) SGEPPL ID( Infrastructure Diivision) SGEPPL CD(Construction Division) SGEPPL MD(Machine tool Division) SGEPPL PD( Packing Division) SGEPPL THD(Tyre Handler Division)


Striving to be the world’s leader in Factory Automation and give our best to all categories of Engineering right from Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics and Civil.


Our mission is to provide cost effective, quality engineered products for Casting, Logistics, Civil , Mining , Packing and machine tools in the global market, supported by a proven, modern design practice and our quality control management system.